Objectives and Expectations of Theology Majors. Students who choose to major in theology are a diverse group who have a variety of goals and interests. Some have definite career goals of service to the church and/or society; others are seeking God and a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.
Learning Outcomes for the Theology Major Students who major in Theology will be able to demonstrate:
An understanding of the major areas in the discipline of Theology—biblical studies, historical or comparative studies, systematic theology, ethics, and spirituality. Familiarity with the variety of religious experiences and traditions An understanding of how religious morality and justice are integrated with faith The ability to apply difficult theological concepts and ideas within their writing, research, or in field experiences. The ability to reflect on their own experiences in light of theological perspectives.


CEFI has Ordained 66 bishops in India, in which 31 of our bishops are administering our diocese offices in and around different parts of India, 35 of them are administering our diocese offices in Tamilnadu alone. 6000+ Pastors and Evangelists have been ordained by our diocese ABU has played a vital part as per our burden and the need for Episcopalism, and has helped the Pastors by equipping them before ordination. In an integrated mode we have motivated the pastors in understanding the value of theological education and not just speaking we have been equipping by training them with proper theological training and is continuing to do so. And as a university it has been affiliating bible colleges around Asia.


    “If a student should learn a thousand things, and yet fail to preach the gospel acceptably, his College course will have missed its true design. Should the pursuit of literary prizes and the ambition for classical honours so occupy his mind as to divert his attention from his life work, they are perilous rather than beneficial.”
    C. H. Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students